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Pruzkum Absolventi 2017 vysledky


Moš, O. 2017. An innovative approach to human resource management in small and medium enterprises: the sharpen projectACC Journal. 2(B), 78-87. ISSN 1803-9782. Available from: http://acc-ern.tul.cz/archiv/PDF/ACC_2017_2_06.pdf


Maršíková, K. and Moš O. 2018. HRM challenges of SMEs in the Liberec region. Regionální rozvoj mezi teorií a praxí. 2018(1), 40-51. ISSN 1805-3246. Available from: http://www.regionalnirozvoj.eu/sites/regionalnirozvoj.eu/files/casopis_2018_1.pdf


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Meschitti V., Maršíková K., Davies J. and Moš O. 2019. HRM challenges in SMEs: an explorative study in five European countries. 

Extended abstract British Academy of Management event "HR Opportunities and Challenges in SMEs" June 2019, Birmingham: UK.


CLAUSS, A.-M., SCHUMANN, C.-A., FORKEL, E. and REUTHER, K. 2019. HRM challenges and lifelong learning in SMEs in Western Saxony. Formamente, XIV, 5-22. https://formamente.guideassociation.org/issue/2019-2/

Technical University in Liberec, Faculty of Economics