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HRM for SMEs is a 10 credit specialization course developed through the Erasmus funds. This course is developed with the joint knowledge, experiences and competencies of five universities – Huddersfield UK, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences Finland, SMK Klaipeda Lithuania, Technical University Liberec Czech Republic, Zwickau University of Applied Sciences Germany.

The common HR issues identified in the partner regions include:

  • Uncertainty regarding future HR needs and requirements
  • Current focus only on technical competencies
  • Problems with finding and integrating young professionals/ university graduates
  • Lack of knowledge about the (ever faster) changing expectations of younger people
  • Lack of knowledge about importance of non-financial rewards
  • Problems with conducting interviews and implementing suitable assessments

With the above in mind, the course provides great opportunities to course participants to apply the general HRM theories and knowledge learned from the basic HRM course to specific situations of SMEs (Small-Medium Sized Enterprises) identified by the partner universities based on above scope. Through real life cases and cooperations with SMEs and other related organizations in the partner university regions. 

The course is divided into three general scopes containing the following topics:

TOPIC 1 Strategic Resourcing and Workforce Planning

TOPIC 2: Recruitment and Selection

TOPIC 3: Employee Retention Management

TOPIC 4: Employee Ownership

The learning outcome of the course:

  • Appreciate the importance of human resource management in SMEs
  • Understand the application of HRM theories and knowledge to the context of smaller organizations / institutions
  • Observe the changing global trends (e.g. globalization, digitalization, diversity, changing demographics etc.) and how these affect the role of HRM and international managers
  • Competency-based HRM model and its application in the selective HRM processes such as recruitment / selection, learning / development and reward management
Technical University in Liberec, Faculty of Economics